A Testimonial to the Power of Online Video

“Video On Our Website Increased Conversion
Rates By 300 Percent”


In this brief video testimonial, Hylton Forrester of Hylton Chimneys in North London, explains how using videos on his website helped him increase conversion rates by a staggering 300 percent.

He published over 30 videos about the specialised work his company does (chimney breast removal) and also video testimonials by clients on Youtube and on his website. This helped prospective client to trust and like him even before he met them for the first time. The result was a dramatic increase in his conversion rates.


“A long time ago Max from Local Business TV told me about the power of Video, and he was right.
Max’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable. He recorded the Local Business TV interview with me that I now have on my website and LinkedIn profile. He also helped me as I started to embrace video testimonials for my website. I would highly recommend using Local Business TV.”

Eli Pressman, BarnetWills.co.uk